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    What is Moment Marketing? How to make it work for your brand?

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    It all started with the arrival of the internet. The transformation took an immediate effect, making the world became a digital village overnight. Everyone is connected, and information is instantly shared and discussed. It has open doors of opportunities that for ages were just theories and hypothesis. With the internet, ideas are shared, and new platforms are being set up, making ways for new avenues that are shaping the world around us. With the entry of social media, the playground is widened up, and more games are introduced, keeping everybody connected and informed. Meanwhile, not far away, brands and their marketing strategists made the best use of these platforms to construct bridges between them and their consumers, making way for a new branch of marketing platform – digital advertising. 

    Digital advertising is a platform that has open new avenues for brands and helps them stretch creatively in the way they communicate to their consumers. It has also given brands leverage to react and to utilize the space to reach out to their audiences. The way they do it can either be a well-planned collaboration or a random appearance in the background, which catches the audience’s attention. This can be a perfect placement of a branded item as a prop in a video or a marketing message appearing at the right time during a search online. Whatever be the appearance, brands are utilizing such moments to push their message across and monetize it to their advantage. This strategy in digital marketing is known as moment marketing. According to Google, ‘moment marketing’ is the ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and often fleeting interactions with customers in real-time.

    You may have experienced that a certain advertisement appears that is related to what you are looking for online, or some ads just pops up that compliment your search. These instances are nothing but moment marketing. Using algorithms and search keywords technology can drive relatable messages of brands to the audience at the right time. With people becoming more active on social media, the reaction to a message can spread like wildfire, and with the right communication it can stay on for a long time. The most recent example would be a video when the US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris made a call to the President-elect Joe Biden, she was wearing a Nike branded sweatshirt. This historic moment got the sportswear major Nike a brand mileage when Harris congratulated Biden saying, “We did it. We did it, Joe…” – Nike’s motto is “Just do it”. This unintentional occurrence is not new, where a brand and a celebrity are associated, however, the timing for this particular instance cannot be more spectacular. 


    So how can a brand use moment marketing to give a mileage to their marketing strategy? First, it is important to know that moment marketing is of two types – expected and unexpected moment. By expected, it means preparing marketing communication beforehand and release it at the right time. For example, a special day such as the International Women’s Day, here, brands have their agencies to weave a story or communication relating to women and optimize this occasion for leveraging their message across to their audience. Whereas, when brands ride a creative communication on trending news, topic, or event, it is then an unexpected moment marketing. For instance, during the 2013 Super Bowl, there was a massive power outage inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdrome in New Orleans. Oreo took this opportunity and capitalized the situation with a simple tweet and a creative communication, which led to be known as the best real-time marketing efforts to date. 


    • Moment marketing is when time, awareness and creativity come together to send a positive message to the consumers from the brand.
    • The communication should be in sync with the core message of the brand

    Time is the most crucial aspect of moment marketing. Planning the communication for the expected moment marketing is easy; however, one needs to be quick, vigilant and ready to churn out the most creative communication for unexpected moment marketing. 

    Awareness of the latest trends and fads is another aspect of moment marketing. One has to be in touch with reality and to be aware of the trends that are happening both online and offline. These trends can be broadly based on - location, history, popular art, and current affairs. 

    Creativity is vital when designing communication and it is imperative to have a team that can turn an opportunity to a spotlight on the brand’s message of the product. With the amount of content the world is binging every day, and with a short memory span of the consumers, good creative communication that not only induces interaction or reaction but also stays relevant for a long time can be wonders for the brand. 

    Brands can gain a lot of mileage from moment marketing, as it gives them a creative platform to reach out to their audiences and connect with them. With moment marketing, the chance of the consumer to make a purchase or recommend one is high, as it reflects the core message of the brand through the communication that is shared. With moment marketing the reach is also widened at almost no cost, as new consumers get to discover the brand through interactions about the communication across the web.

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      • The Strategist
      • November 25, 2020

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