Turn to hybrid apps to make most of the mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has become an integral part of successful digital marketing strategies nowadays.

A multifold increase in mobile users being witnessed worldwide is the prime reason why behind this surge in the popularity of mobile marketing. This has also resulted in landmark changes in the application design in the recent past.

Brands want to reach out to their customers wherever they are. As customers spend a lot of their time on smartphones, device-friendly mobile apps are crucial for marketers. And anyone who has built a mobile app would know that it never happens that one size fits all. Hence, there is a need for Hybrid apps. 

Hybrid apps are installed in a native container that uses a WebView object. They display web pages from a desktop website that are adapted to mobile view. The Iconic Developer Survey 2017 states, “The broader trend is that hybrid development is gaining traction, while the native approach is waning. We think that makes sense. The benefits of the hybrid are obvious. And as the web evolves, there are fewer and fewer reasons not to adopt.”

These apps are built with a different set of elements of native apps. Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS power hybrid apps and provide access to native platform features as well.

Instagram, Yelp, Uber, Basecamp, etc. are a few hybrid apps that access native features like GPS, camera, contacts and certain other sensors, and run on both Android and iOS.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps:

  1. Easy and unified development with low cost
  2. Simple backend with a UX that connects to device-specific functionalities
  3. Creative ideas meet the target audience as they cleverly merge with device OS
  4. Faster than mobile web apps or responsive websites
  5. Attractive UI/UX design with maximum engagement on both iOS and Android
  6. Hassle-free integration with other apps

With a burgeoning need for innovation in digital marketing for brands to stay competitive in the marketplace, it is imperative to realize the real potential of Hybrid apps. In case you are looking forward to making hybrid apps part of your digital marketing strategy, our team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals is just a query away.

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