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    The state of creativity amidst COVID-19

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    Creativity is something every brand strives for. Yet there’s never been such an urgent need for brands to maximize their creativity to respond as resourcefully as possible to COVID-19 and the prospects of a new normal. Creativity has indeed been under strain owing to the Covid-19 pandemic with brands needing to realign strategies as people prioritise their preferences.

    Brands need to be responding to the immediate demands of the post-lockdown world. With many predicting tough times ahead, it is not going to be easy. Amidst the uncertainty, one thing is certain: none of us are going back to ‘normal’. To face this unprecedented situation, brands will need to think and act differently.

    Creativity will help a brand stand out in times of peril

    A brand's creatives should stand out from its competitors. This is all the more crucial amidst the pandemic as brands look for ways to connect with their consumers in new and unique ways. The uniqueness of creativity also represents the uniqueness of the brand's products and services. The creatives are the voice of the brand, and it should stand out from its competitors to reach the spectrum of the target audience. Creativity simply allows a message to be remembered, which can lead to higher brand recognition and sales.

    Creativity is the one thing that will truly set a brand apart from the rest. In times of a pandemic when brands up their ante and stay up-to-date with changes and innovations, Creativity will play an important part in helping them improve their market share and brand image.

    Investing in Creativity will fuel a brand’s ROI

    Creativity cannot start without a well-devised strategy. In other words, a brand will only realize success if it takes the time to do the market research and create the sharpest strategy possible that resonates with the current day and age.

    Data is often seen as the path to ROI, but without a creative mind to understand the cultural landscape and pull insights from the numbers, brands will have a hard time moving on any of it. It’s impossible for a brand to break through the clutter today without creative strategies to help them stand out. The current states of technology and media may have created huge challenges for brands, but they have also created a playground for creativity.

    Awareness is no longer enough to keep a brand afloat. Brands need to actively create and influence the culture we live in, or consumers will move on to a brand that is. With so much action going on in the marketplace, consumers will seek to engage with brands that truly offer them something unique and useful, and creativity will be a huge tool in setting brands apart from their competitors and proving their utility.
    Creativity will always be an important part of marketing, and the more brands use creativity to solve real business problems and help out their consumers, the better off they will be.

    The ROI of creative content

    Valuable and relevant content has the ability to target and engage a brand's audience. It enhances a brand’s visibility and online presence while nurturing high-quality leads. Put simply, highly creative content can support every stage of every business’s sales funnel.

    Researching current topics remains an integral part of creating content. One of the best ways for a brand to maximize audience engagement is to create content based on the topics that consumers want to know more about. This will help brands to best engage their target audience while increasing the likelihood that they will convert and ultimately have a positive impact on a brand's ROI. Brands have often viewed content marketing as a channel to boost brand awareness. Slowly but surely, however, brands have begun to acknowledge content marketing’s ability to generate quality leads and assist in closing sales.

    Creative content is one of the most cost-effective methods of generating leads, particularly in comparison to paid digital advertising and other traditional methods. Because of this, creative content can often enjoy an incredibly low-cost per conversion, benefitting ROI by extension. One of the most overt ways in which a brand can use creative content as a conversion channel is by incorporating explicit Calls-To-Action. It should be a common practice to include a CTA at the end of a social media blog/post, ebook, or video, as a final incentive for a brand's target audience to convert.

    Maintaining a balance between Creativity & Brand Language

    To ensure maximum effectiveness of their content post-lockdown, brands will have to maintain a proper balance between creativity and their brand language. Bearing in mind that customers today are not just consumers, but active social media users, creative content that is more attuned with the brand language is more likely to convert into sales. As brands seek to recover their current market stance, they will have to ensure that there isn't a huge gap in their content in terms of creativity and brand language or messaging. Today, brands must maintain that exceptional balance in order to edge out the competition.

    A great creative message can elevate a brand’s market stance

    Brand awareness reflects the degree of familiarity consumers have for their preferred enterprise. Brand awareness is important because consumers are much more likely to purchase from brands they recognize and trust. When people are aware of a brand, it secures their position in the industry.

    A solid creative message will allow brands to show their customers what they represent. Brand awareness isn’t just whether the audience knows the name of a brand, but it’s how well they understand the qualities that make a brand unique. To create this distinction, a brand's message needs to highlight the qualities that set them apart from their competitors.

    Understanding the current scenario to its core and creating an iron-clad strategy that focuses on brand value will be of utmost importance. This can help a brand connect with its customers on a more personal level and show them what they stand for, beyond just products and services. It will be important to create consistency in terms of creative messaging, whether it’s in the frequency of posts or tone.

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      • The Strategist
      • July 20, 2020

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