The Right Way to Promote Apps with Video Content

Apps have completely revolutionized the way brands interact with their consumers. Today, they have become a part of our everyday lives, making things a lot easier while establishing a stronger connection. Many industries are now discovering that creating a mobile app is more effective than having a mobile website in terms of functionality, user preference, monetization, and so on. But with so many apps out there in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, brands need to find a way to stand out. Thankfully, video content is the perfect tool for brands to give their audience a closer look into what their app is all about.

Establishing a solid video marketing strategy around the promotional efforts of an app will not only help brands gain visibility but also ensure that more people get interested in the app and try it out. Let us delve deeper and find out how to use video to promote apps effectively!

Where to start?

Just like every other app, every video starts with an idea that’s later condensed into a script. By fleshing out the script, brands can ensure that their video doesn’t lack coverage of the app’s essential features and benefits. Scripting is a crucial stage in every preproduction process, as it will help brands establish the nature of their message. A compelling script must be clever about the aspects of the app and do best to stand out.

The benefits that an app provides should always be the primary focus of the video. Making a list of the most attractive features of the app can be useful, but brands will need to go deeper. Their script must explain how these features will enhance their audience’s experience. Video content will give brands the chance to show the practical benefits of their app.

Why use video on your app’s profile

Unless brands create an entirely disruptive marketing strategy, they will most likely make content that’s composed of text, images, video, or a mixture of them all. Out of all these tools, it has been proven extensively that video is the one that produces the best engagement.

The videos are made to introduce a product to its audience, to display the benefits of using it, and how to get it. Video content is also used to trigger emotional responses among the viewers. The beauty of audiovisual storytelling is that it manages to trace an emotional connection between the product and its consumers.

Mobile apps are no different from other products. With video, brands can present their mobile app to their audience directly and engagingly. Videos will enable them to show the basics of how to use the app.

How does Video Marketing work on Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS)

While there certainly are differences between videos for Play Store (Android) and the one for App Store (iOS), both are made to enhance conversion and enable brands to attain more engaged users. But their formats and limitations vary between both the operating systems.

Search results: On Play Store, videos don’t display on the search results. On the App Store, they will and they will also start playing on mute while scrolling. It can be a great asset if brands can make the video interesting enough to make people click on their product.

Vertical & horizontal videos: The orientation of the video varies between the two as well. On iOS, videos are device-specific, which means that they must be optimized for different resolutions of screens. Because of this, they’re vertical, and that provides a better experience for mobile users.

On the other hand, videos on the Play Store are embedded directly from YouTube. This means that they can either be vertical or horizontal but it also means that people might have a bad experience if they have to rotate their devices to watch a horizontal video.

Freedom in styles and themes: The biggest advantage with Play Store is that any video that brands choose to put out can have virtually any theme or style. This will enable brands to display their creativity.

On the App Store, however, brands are expected to display the product in a way that’s based on Apple’s Guidelines. This means that brands can only use captured footage of the app itself without animations, or filming people interacting with the device. But it lets brands use transitions, titles, and other graphic elements, giving them something to leverage to communicate extra information.

Best types of videos to promote your app

There are various different types of videos that will help brands communicate the virtues of their app to their potential users. Let’s focus on three specific types of videos that will work for different apps:

Tutorials: Tutorials are one of the most popular types of video content for online marketing. These videos manage to leverage storytelling and high-quality animated visuals to showcase the value proposition of a product. Brands should use Tutorials to introduce a problem then show how their app can combat that problem and why it’s the best option for their audience. These videos should always end with a call to action.

Product videos: Apps are digital products, and the best way to showcase a product’s features is by using a product video. With this type of video, the goal for brands must be to list the benefits of their app but in a compelling way so it doesn’t bore the viewers. Product videos enable brands to speak directly to the user and show them how their app will be useful to them.

Customer testimonials: Testimonials can have a huge impact on an app’s download numbers. People trust other people, and customer testimonial videos are a great way to use this trust as an advantage.

Summing up!

Most brands think that once their app is live, the work is done. That can’t be further than the truth! Promotion is one of the biggest steps brands need to take in order to make an app successful.

Video content provides the most effective way to tell a story and motivate a brand’s audience to download their product. As we have seen in this blog, there are a few things brands need to master if they want to make the right impact. Brands that can harness the power of Video Marketing will be surprised by the results.

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