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    Early-stage start-ups are faced with 7 challenges that impede their growth and lose out to the competition. These include a lack of access to cross-functional experience, inadequate planning, finding the right talent, time management and less emphasis on marketing and sales. This results in delays, botched products and lost code, which in turn leads to an ineffective investor pitch. In other words, start-ups at their nascent stage do not have enough time and expertise within their small founding teams to create a winning product and market it successfully.

    At Pulp Strategy, with our vast experience in working closely with start-ups, we have created a special vertical to effectively address 6 of these problems that weigh down early-stage or idea-stage entrepreneurs. Going a step further, we provide world-class tech support for investor pitches to entrepreneurs requiring additional tech experience on the table.

    Our Services

    Our services under this vertical are uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of idea stage start-ups. These customizable services work seamlessly to support them in early stages to move quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively from idea to scale-up.

    • Pulp Pulp

      Early-stage consulting and Proof-of-concept (poc)

    • Pulp Pulp

      Product design

    • Pulp Pulp

      Product development (MVP and MMP)

    • Pulp Pulp

      Brand framework Product video and Aso

    • Pulp Pulp

      (MMP) Go-to-market Strategy

    • Pulp Pulp

      Post-introduction product improvement

    • Our early-stage consulting services help start-ups fine-tune their product ideas so that they can be turned into viable product and business.

      Driven by data and analytics, we lean on consumer insights to enable a correct understanding of the market need gap. Competition benchmarking, competitive feature set benchmarking and customer chatter are some of the parameters that we factor in to arrive at a product pricing framework and recommend feature sets. This intelligence, at times, is critical and streamlines the actual development, while prioritising the asks for the Product MVP and MMP stages. As part of POC, we extend the focus group research capabilities of Pulp Strategy to startup founders, thereby allowing real-time market feedback in the absence of available research, or simply to confirm the product framework and substantiate the need gap analysis. Pulp Strategy will also, as part of the POC, define a broad framework of product adaptability, scalability and potential.

    • As product design can be a gamechanger for start-ups, we lay special emphasis on getting it right. In line with this, we work closely with start-ups to develop a comprehensive scope of work, SRS (Software Requirement Specification), product flow and the features up to the minutest details.

    • Product Development (MVP)

      Minimal Viable Product is the first stage of product development and opens new avenues for learning. We develop it with the sole aim of acquiring the maximum amount of validated information about customers with minimum efforts. After testing the MVP and analysing the customer feedback, we make further improvements in the MVP and develop the SRS for Minimal Marketable Product (MMP).

      Product Development (MMP)

      Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) is the version of the product that can go to market in a soft launch. Keeping its importance in mind, we carry out a thorough QA to facilitate trouble-free user experience. We draw insights from the customer feedback and make the required changes in the feature sets to enhance user-experience.

    • Employing our vast experience, we develop their brand identity and marketing framework for startups in this stage. The services provided in this phase include logo design, brand guideline document, conceptualization and production of product videos, app launch on App Store and Play Store, and App Store Optimization (ASO).

    • At Pulp Strategy, we understand the constraints faced by startups in marketing their products and services, which include low marketing budgets and lack of marketing experience. To aid start-up in this stage, we help formulate an end-to-end go-to-market strategy for startups encompassing go-to-market strategy framework, creative launch plan, media strategy, implementation plan, media optimization, tech support for investor pitches and basic online customer support.

    • We help start-ups stay relevant and grow in today’s dynamic business environment by consistently enhancing product quality. Towards meeting this end, we review the product performance on an ongoing basis and analyze customer feedback and market conditions. The learnings accrued from this exercise is used to recommend the addition and removal of product features.