Python your way to big marketing strides

python programming language

By employing Python as a programming language, marketers can now reach
and engage their customers better with emerging technologies.


As you know, Pythons are one of the world’s largest snakes. They are adept at blending themselves to colours of their habitat. Well camouflaged and hidden in dense forest, they ambush their prey and swallow them as a whole. Mostly found on the ground or in the trees, they are excellent swimmers and can survive in water for long periods. In a nutshell, they are adaptable and skilled at spotting opportunities and making the most of them.


Python, a high-level programming language, exhibits some of these traits. Equipped with amazing features and capabilities, it helps marketers tap the immense possibilities offered by emerging technologies like Big data and AI. It is also preferred over other programming languages for backend web development and for developing a wide range of different applications, including web and mobile apps.

The advent of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have opened new avenues for marketers to reach and engage their target audiences in increasingly personal ways. Big Data, Machine Learning and AI are changing the way marketers carry out social listening, competitor analysis, content creation and optimization, nowadays. In such a technology landscape, Python’s powerful data analysis capabilities make it the most sought after programming language for Big Data and AI applications.


The Python edge

A wide array of applications and features gives Python a definite advantage over other programming languages.


Third-party module

The Python Package Index (PyPI) contains many third-party modules that makes it capable of interacting with other languages and platforms.

Extensive support libraries
It has a vast standard library, which includes internet protocols, string operations, web services tools and operating system interfaces.

Learning ease and support available
Excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax help beginners quickly learn and use Python.

User-friendly data structures

Its built-in list and dictionary data structures can be used to construct fast runtime data structures. Moreover, it provides the option of dynamic high-level data typing, which significantly reduces the length of the support code.


Productivity and speed
Equipped with a clean object-oriented design, enhanced process control capabilities, secure integration and text processing capabilities, and a testing framework, Python offers a fantastic mix of speed and productivity.


Varied applications of Python


Python is being used the world over for building several types of applications. Some of them include:  

  • GUI based desktop applications
  • Image processing and graphic design applications
  • Scientific and computational applications
  • Games
  • Web frameworks and web applications
  • Enterprise and business applications
  • Operating systems
  • Language development

Python is apt for web and app development

Python scores over other programming languages for web and mobile app development as it:

  • Adapts to virtually any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.) 
  • Uses simple syntax similar to the English language
  • Allows developers to write programs with fewer lines than some other programming languages
  • Runs on interpreter system, which executes the code as soon as it is written, facilitating quick prototyping


At Pulp Strategy, we have been using Python for the last several years to build highly successful applications for our clients. To find out how Python can help meet your organization’s technology needs effectively, visit


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