Leverage Virtual Events to fuel B2B lead generation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we conduct business forever. With physical business events that used to play a vital role in generating leads for B2B companies till now becoming a distant possibility, sales dipping to an all-time low and marketing budgets reducing drastically, marketers need new cost-effective ways to generate quality leads and achieve growth in these unprecedented times.

Virtual events have emerged as a promising option to achieve this goal owing to a variety of reasons. They are conducted online so anyone can attend them regardless of their location. Interaction with prospects, answering their queries and clarifying their doubts in real-time becomes possible with virtual events. On top of all this, they offer unmatched flexibility and convenience and are highly cost-effective.

Here’s how virtual events enable marketers in their lead generation efforts

Ensures a broader reach – Virtual events enable prospective consumers to connect with brands from anywhere in the world enhancing the pool of lead prospects for marketers

Shortens the sales cycle – Brands can introduce their product or service, carry out product demonstrations and respond to the queries at virtual events in real-time, which helps accelerate the sales funnel

Acts as a marketing channel – Marketers can charge low or no participation fee to enable a broader audience to download and share a high volume of content at virtual events. Alternatively, they can charge a small admission fee, plus an additional fee to access specific content like presentations or live webinars to make it an exclusive event.

Delivers interactive content – Virtual events facilitate interaction with prospects through instant chat, social sharing, webinars and live Q&A sessions and build a lead nurturing environment leading to more conversions.

Facilitates data-driven lead tracking – Data generated by virtual events can be analyzed to uncover crucial insights, which can be used to improve content for the next event and gauge the quantity and quality of the leads generated.

Lead generation has become a tough challenge for B2B businesses as they gear up to take on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 in the post-lockdown world. Virtual events can be a boon for marketers in such tough times as they can help them catalyze their lead generation efforts while keeping the costs low.

Pulp Strategy is at the forefront of enabling business organizations to realize the true potential of virtual events in generating quality leads. For business inquiries, please contact strategist@pulpstrategy.com

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