Increase brand engagement with gesture control innovations

In today’s
globalized business environment, brands are faced with increased competition. With
multiple players vying for a share of the marketing pie, brands must explore
new ways of engaging consumers interestingly. As digital communication becomes
mainstream with the proliferation of smartphones, brands need to keep their
fans and followers on social media platforms involved to stay competitive in
the marketplace.

Technology has come to the rescue of brands in such a competitive landscape. Gesture control is one of such technologies that is enabling brands to enhance consumer engagements levels. By tapping the immense potential of gesture control innovation opportunities offered by Facebook AR Platform, brands can develop personalized and interactive engagements to surprise their consumers, enhance recall and benefit from the shareability of content. This brings us to the question of what all brands can do with gesture control innovations. The answer isn’t complicated to find. Gesture controls open a new world of possibilities to create memorable engagements for consumers. Firstly, brands can showcase their entire product range. As consumers blink, pout or wave their hand in front of their smartphones, brands’ product offerings will come alive on the screen one by one. Secondly, with a blink or pout, consumers can see how they will look in particular eyewear, jewellery, lipstick, etc.

Consumers can wave their fist in front of their smartphone to see how a wristwatch will look on their hand. Thirdly, brands can create highly interactive games involving gestures such as blink, pout, waving of hands or moving the head. All this can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the consumers and spur instant purchase decision making. 

There is a wide range of industries that can create memorable engagements with this technology and take consumer engagement levels on Facebook to unapparelled heights. If creatively used this technology can do wonders for consumer engagements in industries ranging from cosmetics to apparels, and from accessories to consumer electronics.

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