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    How to Up Your Email Video Marketing Game

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    we send millions of emails every year. And brands only contribute to the inbox
    avalanche. People now receive more marketing and sales outreach from brands
    than ever before but without a unique angle, their chances of reaching their
    customers are very thin. That's why more and more marketers have to rely on

    No other marketing medium can communicate as quickly and effectively as videos. Therefore, incorporating video in email marketing makes sense for brands that want to increase conversions, brand awareness, or help educate their customers.

    What is Video Email Marketing?

    Video Email Marketing does not necessarily mean that a brand's email receivers will be playing videos without leaving their inboxes. In fact, marketers often use Video Email Marketing in the capacity of linking a video thumbnail image within an email to landing pages where the video is located.

    The other thing brands need to consider if they are trying to go the technical route of embedding a video directly into an email is that it might not work for all email receivers. In order to be safe, it’s easy and effective to create a video thumbnail image, paste that into the email, and link the entire image to a landing page where the video lives.

    The benefits of Video Email Marketing

    Video emails stand out from other email communication. The advantage of sending video emails is that it hooks the viewers and speeds up engagement with the,. Below are some key benefits of Video Email Marketing:

    Time-efficient: Video emailing saves the time of both senders as well as receivers. It provides information about a product or service in less time while making subjects easy to understand.

    Gets across easily: Video production is significant for a brand's marketing plans as they draw the attention of the viewers. Subscribers find them more interesting and active in comparison to plain text. Hence, a video email is more likely to have a better impact on viewers.

    Proper marketing tool: Videos can go viral quickly and have an impressive way of portraying things and delivering brand messages. Viewers respond more positively to a product after watching its video.

    SEO: One of the best benefits of Video Email Marketing is improved Google search ranking. As a video becomes popular and draws more attention, it can lead to more shares on social media and therefore, prove to be a boost for the brand.

    Why leveraging video for email is effective

    Do you know that the average office employee receives hundreds of emails per day? What could be a better way to stand out from the noise than incorporating some engaging video content into these emails? Data shows that email is effective.

    Below are some effective ways brands start incorporating more video content into their marketing emails.

    1. Set up a video landing page with a powerful CTA

    As discussed above, embedding a video to brands' email recipients to watch right within that screen is not typically a best practice due to restraints put in place by many email providers. But this can prove to be a good thing. A brand wants its email subscribers to complete a specific action, and that doesn't involve them staying in their inbox. Another aspect to consider is the quality of the video as no video is better than a bad video.

    The bottom line is that embedding a video thumbnail into an email and then linking to a landing page where the video is located is likely to be much more beneficial.

    2. Incorporate personalized video emails into your sales process

    Sales is a big part of an effective video marketing campaign. Since marketing and sales are so closely aligned, it would make sense for sales teams to marry video and email as well. Recording quick videos and then sending it out to a hot lead only takes a matter of seconds, yet doing so can be insanely effective in terms of upping response rates.

    3. Send out customer story to potential leads

    Ever so often, marketers make the mistake of talking too much. But isn’t it more effective to let happy customers do the promotion for brands?

    There is no better way to do this than with video. When a brand's potential customers can see a real human talk about their experience in a genuine manner the chances of trust developing and a sale occurring skyrocket. So, what better way to deliver these powerful customer testimonials than directly to a brand's leads inbox?

    4. Use Video Email Marketing to upsell current customers

    Potential leads aside, how does a brand keep its current customer base happy? What matters is what a brand is doing to increase the revenue coming in from its existing consumer base.

    In many cases, the best market for a brand is the one it already has. This is especially true when it comes to email marketing with video because these customers are the ones who are most likely to take the time to watch a video since they are already invested in the brand. This could be through a testimonial type video, or a corporate video created in-house, but brands must make sure to use the time wisely to grab their audience’s attention.

    5. Add a GIF to your video marketing emails

    The thing about video consumption is that short and sweet always wins. In our world full of distractions like Instagram and Snapchat, attention spans continue to shrink so sometimes cutting the video altogether may be the best move for a certain email push. In this case, brands can opt for a GIF instead, which is essentially a short and fun animation that can be easily inserted into an email template since the file itself falls under the image category.

    Whether it’s some words jiggling around on the page, a funny dance move, or a cartoon firework display, brands must put a lot of creativity to spice up their emails and spark the interest of their audience.

    Currently, the online marketplace is buzzing excitedly about upbeat trends in Video Email Marketing that is drawing a lot of attention from viewers as well as marketers. For better email marketing results, marketers should study the web analytics and user engagement behavior affected by Video Email Marketing. For brands that follow the points discussed above can definitely plan things well for their business.

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      • October 14, 2020

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