Get your print collaterals talking and engagement levels soaring.

Object scan is one of the leading technologies that is increasingly being used by marketers to gain the attention of consumers and disseminate relevant information to them in a cost-effective way. No wonder, the size of image recognition/object scanning industry is pegged at $11.7 billion today and is expected to rise to 32 billion by the end of 2024, with a CAGR of 22.21%

You can make any of print collaterals talk with the help of this technology. It enables your consumers to scan your company’s logo or any other printed visual element to find more information about your company and its products and services, watch videos, play games and more. Acting as a bridge between offline and online marketing content, object scan technology doesn’t need a computer or laptop to work. Consumers can switch on the Facebook camera on their smartphone and scan the logo or any visual element to initiate the aforementioned pre-determined actions with the help of this technology.

“Researches indicate a 135% increase in the likelihood of a buyer to purchase a product if augmented reality is associated with it. Hence, it can be said that AR does have a positive impact on value perception.”

Here’s how you can use this technology for marketing purposes.

Direct Mail: Create an engaging direct mail and encourage your consumers to scan the logo to get more information about the product or service, play a game or watch a video.

Brochures: Put the message to scan the logo inside the brochure to help consumers get additional information instantly, rather than opening their laptop and visiting your webpage.

Product packaging and visiting cards: Similarly, users can scan your logo on product packaging and visiting cards to engage with your brand.

Image recognition can unfold fun and extraordinary experiences not only for your consumers but all your stakeholders like partners, distributors, retailer, potential investors, government servants and more. Cost-effective and user-friendly, this technology can be used by any company to engage with their consumers and other stakeholders better. Want your marketing collaterals to speak? Click here to get in touch with our experts to make it possible.

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