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    Can your Digital Marketing agency pull you out of a crisis?

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    It's no surprise that the marketing world is in the midst of intense, forced changes. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our daily lives, brands have been coerced into a digital transformation in this time of uncertainty as businesses seek to recover from the current slump.

    What's clear is that there will be repercussions of the actions taken within this time, both short and long term. As brands realign strategies according to changed consumer behaviour, it will be best for them to make smart, informed decisions that could have a positive impact on their business in the long run. This is the time to rely on thinking outside the box, adapting campaigns, and understanding where the opportunities lie. It’s fair to say that it’s not going to be all doom and gloom for the digital marketing world.

    Adjusting strategies to suit the current scenario

    Being agile with digital media strategies and media buying approaches is advisable for brands at this time. Whether that means putting campaigns on hold, reallocating marketing budgets, or adjusting expectations, one thing that brands should do is reallocate budgets into the campaigns that bring the most revenue, as well as keeping their post-corona plans flexible and insightful. Focusing on specific marketing campaigns that drive revenue, generate valuable leads, and have aspects that can still be leveraged to bring revenue, will allow brands to smoothly transition into a post-COVID-19 sphere.

    Businesses want to be seen as being helpful to their customers in the current climate. It is best advised for brands to deploy a short-term strategy to tackle the pandemic wisely. Flexible budgets will enable brands to stay agile and respond effectively to any changes that might occur.

    Setting the right tone

    Engaging and relevant messaging is imperative at a time of crisis. Brands should consider reviewing and tweaking their digital marketing messaging to a softer approach whilst being compassionate in order to continue to resonate with their audiences and exude a consistent empathetic brand message across all channels.

    Brands are suggested to steer away from generic messages. Differentiating their message from that of their competitors will enable brands to stand out in the crowd. Being distinctive and having a sound message behind campaigns that emphasize on specific, unique business qualities will give brands the advantage to improve their current market stance.

    Heightened emphasis on digital media and the need to adopt a digital-first approach

    If the pace of the post-coronavirus world was already fast, the luxury of time seems to now have vanished completely. Businesses that once mapped their digital strategy in yearly phases are now scaling their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks.

    Online integration has become more necessary than ever. A retail approach that seamlessly blends together online and offline services are proving to a lifeline for brands during the pandemic. A swift offline-to-online pivot will enable brands to keep meeting customer demands and witness their profit margins soar. Brands should also take the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate with new digital tools and explore improved ways to keep up communication with their consumers. Customer insights also play a significant role when it comes to exploring new digital approaches. Keeping updated with the latest trends and practices will enable brands to gain the upper hand on the road to business recovery.

    Digital Marketing effectively propels brands towards recovery by identifying white spaces in brands' digital approach and filling the gaps with newer ways to conduct business. While the pandemic has impacted business worldwide, it has also presented new opportunities and a sense of urgency for brands to build up their digital capabilities. Those prioritizing their digital transformation will be better equipped as the world emerges from the impact of this pandemic.

    The need for the refined and relevant content

    This is the right time for brands to focus on building a sense of community. Shifting the content focus towards important causes isn't just a 'do-good' measure but also a positive form of expression, one that will help brands retain customer loyalty. For brands, now is the time to prepare for a new consumer mindset and acknowledge it with sensitive and relatable content. Brands should not be pushy when it comes to content but should instead be subtle and easy to digest. Brands should also actively involve influencers to avoid direct selling and instead focus on building a community.

    Less aspirational and more authentic content is the key to unlock the path to business recovery. It will not only provide some comfort to the people who are affected during a time like this but will also lead to the brand being remembered positively in the future.

    Doing the right thing in times of crisis

    As brands find themselves in this strange new landscape, their best course of action is to ensure that they do their part to help their customers and ensure their long-term viability. In other words, now is the time for brands to stop hard selling and start solving problems, offer tangible, fast-moving, and real-time solutions that will help their consumers through this difficult time. Brands that do so will come through the crisis with their integrity intact while retaining their customer base.

    It's also essential for brands to quickly adapt to changes and create products and services that help during the crisis. Brand purpose is borne from the company’s mission, vision, and values, and these should guide how brands behave in a time like this. Bringing brand values and principles to life in their communications will bind customers and brands together at a difficult time. In the long run, brands that operate by their values will likely weather this crisis best, preserving and strengthening trust and loyalty among their customers.

    Digital Marketing in the present day will require a close eye on what's going on. At the moment, brands should focus on being present for their customers and across different channels. Through digital marketing, they can ensure that they don't disappear off the grid completely.

    Even though the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the marketing world has been unreal, digital marketing agencies can help brands redesign the road map to market recovery through data-driven solutions and real-time customer insights. Their ability to be agile and adapt to market changes quickly makes them the strongest partners for brands to improve their market share during times of crisis.

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      • The Strategist
      • July 27, 2020

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