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Beau - Gossip Lover

Bubba - Introvert Sheep

Waddles - Happy Voyager

Patches - Liberty Freak

Pugsy - Trouble Maker

Hootie - Glazy Eyed Owl

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Pugsy is a trouble maker who chews almost everything that comes his way. The only drill he likes is to roll over some warm gooey mud.

Waddles is the happy feet who adds zing through the way he walks. The black and white voyager makes the journey as worthwhile as the destination.

Vanity and liberty are the gems that adorn her. She likes to detach herself with the world and prefers her cat nap over anything else.

Hootie is the wise little glazy-eyed owl. The more he sees the less he speaks. The cryptic little bundle of feathers absorbs all by the night and lives by his wisdom.

Beau will blow you off your feet with a storm of words. With racket in his DNA, Beau adds the extra pep by adding gossip to your daily diet.

Under the thick and woolly coat is the timid and shy Bubba. He flutters his eyes and never misses a word, and likes to stick to his comrades.

Brutus is a mean merchant from Carnival Island. He travels from island to island abducting cute little creatures, and sells them off to make a living.

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