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    Development process

    At Pulp Strategy, we believe in business result orientation powered by a people-centered approach to technology. We evaluate your legacy systems and take a realistic approach to change that, leaving room for your own unique pace in adoption.

    Pulp Strategy’s team focuses on your organization’s objective, its legacy systems and future goals. We enable business roadmap planning, mitigate risks and deploy teams which develop high quality software, all of which put together leads to improved business agility.

    Delivery Methodology and Process Maturity

    Project Development Process

    Key Benefits for Clients

    Expert consultancy and insights

    Expert consultancy
    and insights

    Pulp Strategy has a unique talent pool of marketers who understand consumer insights, content and engagement; designers who translate this into usable simplicity, and developers who build complex systems. We understand consumer behavior and this gives our clients an edge when planning their project. We pay special attention to discovery and planning, effective competition benchmarking, data driven insights, feature planning, and on consumer focus groups to ensure that you have the information you need for making informed decisions on functionality, capabilities as well as the design of your software.

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    Strong Project management process

    Strong Project
    management process

    Our project managers act as the focal point for all your project-related needs. Project managers own your project lifecycle, help plan, decode
    tech-speak, organize delivery, control and deploy key milestones towards your goal. Every project is supervised by our CTO, who is responsible for processes and quality audits as well as process related improvements.

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    Best in-class quality

    in-class quality

    We have a comprehensive and independent Quality Assessment department responsible for ensuring quality through the development lifecycle of the project. Based on the complexity and size of a project, we allocate a QA testing team, optimized for involvement as well as regulation of project budgets. The team conducts exhaustive test planning keeping in mind objectives, scope, approach, assumptions, dependencies, risks and schedules for the appropriate test phase or phases. We follow the agile methodology with an iterative process, assessed according to a QA plan following each release, and
    use Jira for tracking each
    sprint with complete transparency.

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    Extensive experience in the team

    Extensive experience
    in the team

    Our team has honed its skills working on hundreds of projects for client across 4 continents including some of the biggest brands in the world. We have developed a knowledge and experience pool with optimized processes which eliminate redundant complexities that impact budget, quality and delivery time. Our methods have evolved to ensure that we have better flexibility and tighter monitoring in order to create stronger offerings and solutions.

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    Account management and
    seamless delivery

    We have embraced DevOps across the agile methodology using configuration management, metrics, tools and monitoring schemes, building the understanding and practice that software isn’t ‘done’ until it is successfully delivered to a user, and meets their expectations in context of availability, performance, scalability
    and pace of change.

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    Transparent communication


    At Pulp Strategy, we understand that transparency and structured communication is critical to success. Keeping our interactions transparent enables the client and our project team to monitor goals, identify speed breakers and eliminate blockers, which is why as part of the project scope, we tailor a communication plan, which varies in levels from the client
    SPOC to the management.

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