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    Branded Content

    Branded content helps develop an emotional connect with the consumer instead of just promoting the product and its USPs. It’s driven by data which clearly demonstrates that content shows impact and meets defined KPI’s.

    Provoking personalisation with a product is extremely effective to win over consumer’s interest. Branded content has also shown better ROI and a longer lasting impact compared to native advertising.

    At Pulp Strategy, we aim to curate valuable and informative content to reach out to a large target audience and turn consumer communication profitable. Keeping technology at the centre, our approach is divided into three subcategories:

    • 1)

      Hero Content

      : Consumers who browse, seeking inspiration to appease their senses. We fuse advertising with entertainment content to cater to this segment.
    • 2)

      Hygiene Content

      : Consumers who need help by searching relevant content fall under this category. This section can only be tapped by providing the consumers with quick bytes of relevant content experience.
    • 3)

      Hub Content

      : Once a customer gets familiar with your product and wishes to stay in touch, he becomes part of the hub. Contact marketing through regular brand publishing is our strategy here.