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More internet per hour with Chrome by Google


Establish and promote Google Chrome as the browser that provides for a better web experience and gives you ‘more internet/hour’. Consumer driven activation at internet cafés involving influencers – café owners and users – consumers; reinforced by offering program benefits to the owner via a point-based system, enabling and ensuring stronger brand positioning and product penetration.

Eye-catching branding supported the campaign with customized café boards for high visibility cafés as did customized versions of Chrome (informed by user insight) which had special extensions that effectively dealt with – printing, safety and time management. Powerful branding backed by influencer recommendation called the consumers to action. App store games were made available at each terminal, with a leaderboard to identify game-winners who won prizes every day.

Demos coupled with contests and a hands-on experience made Google Chrome popular, as shown by independent 3rd party tracking, with eager participation from café owners and internet users. Chrome became the No.1browser in India. The massive outreach of 14.4 million+ sessions edged it well past the competition, bearing the strongest testimony to the success of the campaign.