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+You on your Google+ Campus


Google’s launch and rapid growth, since its incorporation has triggered a chain of its products making the platform stronger and the engagement better. Google+ entered the competitive social networking space with some unique features and ease of use for the consumers. A refreshing new look and innovative features in Google+ were the Circles, Hangout, Huddle and Streams. Google India wanted early adaptors 18 years to 24 years in India to experience the Google+ service in a fun and engaging manner.

+YOU on your Google+ Campus emerged as a national initiative for campuses. Student ambassador teams created a Google+ campus page, for the campus students. Each campus was viewed as a community within the larger community of campuses. On the social platform it sparked ownership and encouraged students to experiment. Engaging content brought the students to their G+ Campus page. It encouraged active experiences via an integrated module of on-ground, online and built the engagement platform which self-sustained conversations, increasing product integration within the daily lives of the campus student communities.

A massive outreach program spanned top 12 cities in social media penetration in India, evolving into one of the largest campus initiatives. As part of this program, now 246 colleges and university campuses have their very own Google+ Pages by campus name, run by campus student ambassadors. +YOU on your Google+ Campus was not an enter-and-exit program but one which focused and worked on a change in consumer behavior and consumption patterns over a long and effective engagement period, resulting in product adoption. Run by the student ambassadors, the campus pages are now an increasingly integral part of the campus.